Friday, December 21, 2007

A trip back to "Kampung"

I went back to my "kampung" where my mother originated from, Serian.
The main reason why i went back was because i heard the news that my grandmother fell down and fractured her leg.
It was a 45 minutes trip up the Serian road.
Thank God the injury was not so serious.
We spend the rest of the day there, chit-chatting and enjoying mother nature as my grandmother lives in a rural area where it's like a jungle with tress around and fruit plantation.

Outside view of my grandmother's house

The 3 kittens that my grandmother is taking care of.. Arent them CUTE..

Wooden bridge to my grandmother's house

Around 4pm, we were ready to head back home but before going home, we decided to go visit my uncle who breeds and imports pet fish.
I was shocked to see the size of the area and the number of fish ponds he own. WOW !

One of the big ponds he own for breeding large size fishes

The smaller ponds for breeding smaller size fishes.. Gold Fish!

Aquarium for fish mating activities

Cute little "Pearl Gold Fish".. Big fat stomach ^_^

Black Butterfly

More and more Gold Fish.. OMG !

Blue Neon

His pet puppy trying to lick my phone.. -.-

Singing "Burung Merbuk"

Well that is all for the trip to Serian, I enjoyed looking at all the fishes especially Gold Fish.
My uncle even gave me 8 Gold Fish and 2 "Black Butterfly"
I'll stop here for now..
Stay Tuned...

A Christmas Eve Gathering With "Friendly Strangers"

Sorry i was 1 week late of updating this gathering which happened on 14/12/2007.
Even though late, i felt that this gathering was a special one as i do not know and have never seen any of them yet i was invited to their christmas eve gathering. Funny eh..
It was a christian Christmas eve gathering where most of them come from Singapore for a vacation in Kuching.
The gathering was held at Singhasana Lodge (beside Star Cineplex)
It was a fun and enjoyable night. I met some new friends there.
Time flies by fast when you are enjoying.
Too bad they had to go back to Singapore so soon.
I hope to see them soon.
Having dinner and chit-chatting

Pictures of some of new friends i met

My First Post

Im happy to announce the grand opening of my blog.
I'll update my blog occasionally to show all my readers funny,sad or happy experiences in my life.
I hope all of you would give me some comments on my post so i can correct my mistakes and improve in my writing ability.
I wish all the best to all of you.
Thank You.